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The Horse Drawn Hearse
An Elegant farewell on their final Journey
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A unique and heartfelt way to bid farewell to your loved ones

Welcome to The Horse Drawn Hearse where we offer a unique and heartfelt way to honour your loved one on their final journey.

We specialise in providing a unique and dignified horse-drawn hearse service for families seeking an extraordinary tribute to their loved ones, incorporating meaningful stops or starting points if required. at cherished places we strive to create an experience that reflects your loved one's life and values.

This element of your funeral ceremony offers a timeless and symbolic experience, allowing families to pay their final respects and the community in which they lived as they pass them by, in a traditional and meaningful way.

We work closely with each family to ensure that their loved one's farewell is personalised to reflect their unique life story.

Our horse-drawn hearse represents a powerful and heartfelt tribute, evoking a sense of reverence and connection to the past.

Our horses, carefully adorned in black or white, command respect as they guide the carriage on its solemn path.

A Farewell Worthy of Their Memory

At The Horse Drawn Hearse, we understand that biddingfarewell to a cherished family member or friend is an emotional and significant event. We proudly serves our communities.

Our horse-drawn hearses, create a dignified and touching experience that honours the life and legacy of your loved one.

Our dedicated team delivers personalised service, tailored to reflect the individuality of the person being celebrated.

With experienced Carriage Masters and beautifully adorned carriages, we take pride in offering a visually stunning and emotionally meaningful service , guiding you with care and understanding.

Together, we can create a farewell that celebrates a life well-lived and provides comfort to those left behind.

Let us help you create a meaningful tribute to your cherished family member.

For enquiries or to book our services, please reach out to us using the following contact details:

Email: support@horsedrawnhearse.co.uk
Phone: 07858 120 889

Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions and provide the support you need during this challenging time. We look forward to assisting you in creating a dignified and heartfelt farewell for your loved one.

A precious memento

As part of our commitment to honouring your loved one, we offer a special keepsake. You will receive a horseshoe from one of the horses that pulled the carriage, along with a plaque bearing the heartfelt message.

This precious memento serves as a lasting memory of the profound journey taken and the bond shared.

Horse Drawn
Traditional Horse Drawn Hearses
Timeless elegance for a memorable farewell

Our traditional horse-drawn hearses offer a classic and dignified touch to any funeral, providing a fitting tribute to your loved one's life.

Floral Decorations
Customised Floral Decorations
Adding a personal touch to honor your loved one.

We offer a wide range of floral arrangements and decorations, allowing you to personalise the horse-drawn hearse with their favorite flowers or meaningful symbols.

Horse Handlers
Professional Horse Handlers
Ensuring a smooth and respectful procession.

Our team of experienced horse handlers ensures that the horses are expertly trained and handled with care, creating a tranquil and reverent atmosphere throughout the procession.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area
Serving a wider community with our heartfelt services.

In addition to our local area, we extend our horse-drawn hearse services to Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Harrogate, York, Manchester, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Lancashire, ensuring that more families can access this unique farewell option

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